For hundreds of years Catriona and her sisters have kept their existence a secret. The power that they hold could change the supernatural world. One mistake during a night out on the town leaves her bound to a pack of wolf shifters, and all six of them want her. Her pheromones make their wolves wild for her and they will have her at any cost.

Beneath Contempt

Dean, Ryan, Oz, Nick and Justin — The Apex. Five of the most sought after shifter-familiars in the country. They’re already an unconventional pack of their own. A lion, two wolves and two dragons; witches everywhere would have given their right arm to bond them.



Being revealed as a Portal was like finding out you had the plague. Nobody wanted to be anywhere near you, especially if you were as strong as Jacinta was proving to be. As if she didn’t have enough things on her plate already. Raised by a cult, malnourished and ripped from the first place she’d ever felt safe, Jacinta’s world had been turned on its head.

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You would think that having her own coven meant Melody was safe, but all she’d done was graduate from a small pond to a larger one, and boy oh boy was she small fry.

Yet she had people depending on her, which meant Melody had to put her personal concerns aside and move forward for the greater good. Her mates and familiars would understand, so would her friends and family.