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State of the writing – July 2022

I’m very conscious of the fact that my fourth authorversary is approaching and I’ve yet to complete a series. At the moment, I’m madly working on “Surviving Contempt“, the last book in the Of Magic and Contempt series.

Over the next few months, I’ll be ploughing through three other titles. The final installment of “Saviour” is a priority, and “Envy” for the Sinner’s Fairytales shared universe.

Earlier this year I signed up with Butterdragons Publishing under a different pen name. I’ve already had a short story included in one of their anthologies, and I have a deadline of October 31st to complete the first draft of a book due early next year.

So, that’s what I’ve planned on writing for the remainder of the year. OMAC 5, Siren Saga 3, Publisher book 1 series 1, and Sinner’s Fairytales book 7.

Now, if I manage to finish all that before the end of the year… I’ll get started on Portal Connection 3 and 4. There’s so much to come for that series that I didn’t have enough room for it in one book, so it’s two more books – Quasar and Black Sun. I’m not putting the preorders for them up until they’re in editing.

So, what’s coming next year?

Well, there’s a second series in the Magic and Contempt Universe – FOR Magic and Contempt (as opposed to OF Magic and Contempt). This is a new college with a new FMC and a new harem. It continues the overall arc of the first series, and Mel and the guys may make a cameo appearance, but this series is all about Leigha and her healing magic. I’ve planned for this series to be a trilogy – but then Mel’s was supposed to be a trilogy too…

Also coming in 2023 will be the remainder of The Brotherhood books.
Book 5 part 2, books 6, 7, 8 and 9, as well as book 10 which is another Christmas Novella, and hopefully book 11 which will be a prequel to the entire series telling Elliot’s story.

Now, if you want to keep track of where I’m up to, I have a facebook group: The Jade Library. If you’re not keen on fb (I hear you), then you can also find me on Discord in: The Jade Library. (Why reinvent the wheel? lol)

Come search me out, I’d love to meet you online.