Double Frenzy

When Gina’s best friend drags her out to a nightclub to get her out of her break-up ‘rut’, little does she know that she will meet two sexy vampires that want her for themselves. Will she be forced to choose between them? Or can the trio find a happiness together that might well last forever?

Lust Frenzy

Sasha has dated some real jerks in her time, but this Vampire – Owen – really takes the cake. Arrogant, rude and more than a touch dominant, he takes what he wants, gives her only what he’s willing to and dismisses her out of hand.

Lycan Frenzy

Genevieve has met her one. The man she cannot say no to. He sweeps her into bed without hesitation. But then she discovers that he’s a Lycan. She hates them with the passion of a thousand burning suns. She deserves better than that. Who does he think he is?