Beneath Contempt

Dean, Ryan, Oz, Nick and Justin — The Apex. Five of the most sought after shifter-familiars in the country. They’re already an unconventional pack of their own. A lion, two wolves and two dragons; witches everywhere would have given their right arm to bond them.

Held In Contempt

Life was becoming increasingly overwhelming for Melody. Bonding Dean should have been a thing of joy, not an exercise in politics and pain. Having never been allowed to keep a familiar before, she was unprepared for the compulsion to claim him as her mate. Yet how could she, when it put him at even greater risk? If her aunt had her way, Dean would be yet another casualty of Bestia’s cruel experiments.

Civil Contempt

The amount of pressure on Melody was only increasing. The Apex wanted to mate with her, her new coven wanted her to choose a suitable husband from within their ranks and the new Provost wanted her out of there. Everyone wanted something from Melody, including her mad aunt and Coven Bestia. When would she get to be just herself?

Breeding Contempt

Her coven wants her to choose a mate, her familiars want her to mate with them, and her aunt wants her womb to produce strong shifters to turn into monsters. Everyone is obsessed with who Melody will breed with. Frankly, it’s the last thing on her mind. How can she possibly relax, when so many are suffering? Her aunt continues to abuse and torture shifters, experimenting on them to create the ultimate hybrid army. Her peers want to enslave their own familiars, and the Provost – she wants to take Melody’s familiars away.

NEW! Surviving Contempt

You would think that having her own coven meant Melody was safe, but all she’d done was graduate from a small pond to a larger one, and boy oh boy was she small fry. Yet she had people depending on her, which meant Melody had to put her personal concerns aside and move forward for the greater good. Her mates and familiars would understand, so would her friends and family.