Book 1 of 3 in “The Siren Saga”

Siren – The Siren Saga, Book 1

**Dark Reverse Harem**

For hundreds of years Catriona and her sisters have kept their existence a secret. The power that they hold could change the supernatural world.

One mistake during a night out on the town leaves her bound to a pack of wolf shifters, and all six of them want her. Her pheromones make their wolves wild for her and they will have her at any cost.

Now that she’s been discovered, other packs, even other races will kill to have her, to own her, to use her, to abuse her and to consume her. And all of them will hate her.

Suddenly thrust into the middle of pack politics, Catriona and her fated mates must negotiate their way forward to keep her safe, and to lead the Sirens and the Wolf Shifters forward to survival at the same time. There is a war coming, and the fate of all will depend up on them.

**Please note, this book contains scenes that may not be suitable for sensitive readers. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18 years.**

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