For hundreds of years Catriona and her sisters have kept their existence a secret. The power that they hold could change the supernatural world. One mistake during a night out on the town leaves her bound to a pack of wolf shifters, and all six of them want her. Her pheromones make their wolves wild for her and they will have her at any cost.


The wolf shifter council is in chaos, Sinclair is gathering an army and Catriona is pregnant! It’s not just the wolves that are under attack now, other supernatural communities are being dragged into the war. Delegations soon begin arriving, seeking help and protection.


Sinclair’s death should have been the end of the drama, but his son Alistair had already taken the reins. The threat is still very present. More and more refugees are flocking to the Triune Pack for help, stretching their resources to their limits, and the last attack will have far-reaching consequences for everyone.