Kurts Honour

Shop keeper by day, badass demon fighter by night. Grace’s life isn’t really that complex until the day Kurt sweeps into her supernatural store. Handsome, talented, and with an ego the size of China, he’s a handful, but no more than she can handle. He just needs an attitude ‘adjustment’.

Grace's Guys

The crisis in Chicago is over. Tomorrow they travel to New York where the head office of The Brotherhood is located for the US. It’s just a three day trip, but the team want to thank Grace for her help. What better way, than to give her first experience of Christmas as a surprise?

Levi's Fury

Levi was an irritable New Yorker, through and through, so when an influx of demons threatened his city, he was royally pi$$ed off! To make matters worse, Kurt returned. Flushed with a succesful mission, where Levi had to step in and rescue him in Chicago, Kurt would be accompanied by the enticing “Little Witch”, Grace.

Nick's Envy

Levi and Kurt were supposed to be the top two elite members of The Brotherhood’s Elite Forces, but Nick knew that he was better. Those two buffoons weren’t even able to solve their cases without the help of some random witch who had pulled a couple of answers out of thin air. Even Elliott sang her praises. They were all idiots if they believed that she was something special.

Gage's Languor: Part 1

Gage used to think that his “baby face” looks were a curse, until he realised that they allowed him to get away with a lot of things he shouldn’t. He’s not a great fighter like Kurt, not clever like Nick, and not compelling like Levi. In fact, he’s not anything spectacular at all, and their “Little Witch” seems to agree.